Criminal Defense

The law offices of David M. Lutz, P.A. is dedicated to zealously representing its clients in criminal and traffic cases.  This includes criminal charges ranging from drug crimes, property crimes, felony charges, misdemeanors, fraud, as well as all types of traffic charges including but not limited to DUI-DWI, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, driving without a license, hit and run, fleeing from a uniformed officer, and driving without insurance.  We are focused on qorking towards an outcome of your criminal or traffic case that will minimize the negative repercussions a criminal conviction can have on your life.  For example, we have represented many clients whose case disposition was not guilty, dismissed, STET, or probation before judgment all of which allow the client to avoid a criminal conviction. We have many clients who were pleased with their case outcome and continue to refer us to their family members and friends.

Charged with a criminal traffic case?  Put our expertise to work for you. Make sure your next step is to call our office so that your rights are protected.  410-588-3700 or 410-299-2898. Se Habla Espanol

See the Criminal Defense FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.